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Friday, September 10, 2004

This Could Be Interesting 

OK - we all know about Ivan. We still don't know where he'll decide to hit, but we know he's coming.

SO......many of my friends and family live on the west coast of Florida. Many right in the targeted zone. In trying to be proactive, several of us have been communicating about possible evacuation areas. If, and I do mean IF, Ivan hits in the same vacinity as Charley, it looks like I'm the place to go.

I know, crazy isn't it?!? But the general agreeement is that I've been ok thru 2, and it should be lighter by the time it hits here - compared to there.

But what makes things interesting is the group of people I am expecting. First are my dear friends M & J, with their 2 daughters. Yeah. We are a fun group. We drink, laugh, talk dirty, listen to music, drink some more (especially when under stress or cooped up). The other group is my family. My cousin, her husband and their 3 children. They are somewhat conservative Mennonite. Yeah - this'll be real interesting.

I've got more than enough room. Enough that there are even little spots to escape too when the crowd is to much for you.

What will be interesting is the chemistry. Oh, we'll all get along just fine. It's just going to be fun watching the interaction. Hee Hee. I see lots of blogging fodder outta this one folks!!

Now - these are just preliminary plans. Everything could change. But I've just got this mental image going.


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