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Thursday, September 16, 2004

Tonite's Drive Home 

Tonite as I was driving back from Daytona I came across another sight that brought tears to my eyes.

2 lanes of I4 were blocked off. All the on ramps were blocked. There was a caravan of 30 Seminole County Sherriff vehicles driving west with their flashers on. There were cruisers, SUV's pullin' trailers, Pick-ups with 4 wheelers in the back.

I could see the uniforms hanging in the back seats.

They are headin' to the panhandle to help however they can.

Seminole county got the shit kicked out of them by Charley. Frances put a serious dent in any progress made in rebuilding. Frances was just a day or so over a week ago.

Yet, these officers were on their way to help however they could. Conditions won't be good. The hours will be long. But there they go.

It really got to me.


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