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Friday, September 17, 2004

What a Trip That Was 

So I'm working on this damn analysis for my new customer. The formula's are not working out, can't figure out what the bonehead that set the spreadsheet up was trying to do, and basically I've had to rebuild the whole damn thing.

I've spent most of the day on it. I decided I needed a break - so rather than go out and sit by the pool, take a walk around the neighborhood, what do I do?? I go a blogging.

I found the MOST entertaining blog ever. Seriously - the posts are cute but the comments entertained the hell out of me.

Here's what I've been able to figure out. Grammarian started this blog in June. Title: I Need A Name For This Blog. Every entry is suggestions for names. The comments are building on the suggestions.

I have tears in the corner of my eyes from laughing. So....I wanted to share. I figure this is the perfect late Friday post, as we'll have all weekend to browse.

Damn, I love it when I find something new. And refreshing. There are no politics, no hurricanes, no professional venting....wait. I have all that on my blog?!?!? OK - so if you're sick of me, head over to I Need A Name For This Blog and get revitalized. Plus, with all the talented family members I have I think we might be able to come up with some great suggestions.


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