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Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Fine. Just Fine. 

Well, the old host is gone. Actually that's not alllll bad. I would have stayed with them, simply because I've been there all along, and it was just too much effort to change over. NOW - I'll be a part of the MuNu family, and that's kinda nice. Oh, you'll still be able to find me at tammisworld.com - that's mine for a while now.

The beginnings of the site are up. I'll start playing with it as soon as I get a bit more coffee in my system. I'm hoping that by the beginning of next week things will be back over there and everything will be right with the world again.

Meanwhile, I'll just plug away over here - puttin' thoughts down, and visiting my friends. It'll be fine. It'll all be fine.


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